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August 24, 2024


Established in 2014, Jamaica Plain Porchfest is a community-run festival with an expansive understanding and appreciation of the arts. Each year, the festival offers a wide array of performances that include music, storytelling, dance, and more. Taking place on porches, green spaces, and community hubs within the neighborhood, the festival also provides an exploratory spatial experience of Jamaica Plain.


Porchfest creates a space for a diverse community of cultural workers, neighbors, and art enthusiasts to come together – regardless of the categories that aim to keep us separate such as race, class, gender, and ethnicity.


Jamaica Plain Porchfest is produced by Dunamis, a nonprofit committed to nurturing Boston's next generation of artists and arts managers of color through professional development opportunities. Dunamis has strengthened the festival’s commitment to BIPOC artists and collectives. Whether it be partnering with local organizations to curate a mainstage or uplifting independent artists, Dunamis centers the curatorial and artistic visions of BIPOC creators in Boston.

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The Stadium

JP Porchfest would not be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors!

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