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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is JP Porchfest?

    • August 19, 2023 from roughly 12-6 pm​.

  • When can I sign up?

    • Signups will open in May 2023 for performers, porch hosts, and volunteers.

  • Will artists be paid this year?

    • Artists who sign up to perform will not be paid this year. We piloted a stipend payment format for artists in 2021 and are still looking into a model that will allow us to pay artists a fair wage and find enough sponsorship that we can sustainably pay every artist who signs up.​

  • Do I need to live in JP to perform?

    • No! We will match you to a porch in Jamaica Plain.​

  • What if I want to perform on a specific porch/want a specific performer on my porch?

    • There will be a place on your signup form to indicate if you have any preferences for where you perform or who will perform on your porch.​

  • I want to contribute financially as an individual or as an organizational sponsor, what should I do?

  • Do I need to send in footage to be considered to perform at Porchfest?

    • No! Everyone who signs up for JP Porchfest will have a chance to perform.​

  • You haven't answered my question!

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