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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is JP Porchfest?

    • Saturday, August 24, 2024, from roughly 12-6 pm​.

    • Community Hour will be hosted by Cultural Ágora.

    • Main Stages

      • Loring Greenough House​

      • Sam Adams Brewery

  • When can I sign up?

    • Stay tuned for Porchfest 2024 updates!

  • Will artists be paid this year?

    • Artists who sign up to perform will not be paid this year. We piloted a stipend payment format for artists in 2021 and are still looking into a model that will allow us to pay artists a fair wage and find enough sponsorship that we can sustainably pay every artist who signs up.​

  • Do I need to live in JP to perform?

    • No!

    • Don't know someone in JP with a porch? No problem!

      • Join us on Sunday, June 2, 2024, from 2-5 pm at Sam Adams Brewery to connect with interested porch hosts and performers to discuss collaborating. If it's a match, you can sign up that day to have your porch listed on the website.

  • What if I want to perform on a specific porch/want a specific performer on my porch?

    • This summer porches will be hosted and curated by YOU. We encourage you to connect with friends in JP and ask them to perform on their porches. Porch hosts will be able to sign up to have their confirmed porches included in the porchfest digital map soon!​

  • I want to contribute financially as an individual or as an organizational sponsor, what should I do?

  • Why are there no performances scheduled from 3-4 pm during the festival?

    • Starting in 2022 we implemented an initiative called Community Hour. From the hours of 3-4 pm, all performances shut down except for at our 3 main stages. At each main stage we will feature a different participatory art experience ranging from dance classes, visual art, circle singing, and more! Stay tuned to find out what this year's Community Hour activities will be!​

  • Do I need to send in footage to be considered to perform at Porchfest?

    • No! Everyone who signs up for JP Porchfest will have a chance to perform.​

  • You haven't answered my question!

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