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Your Official Guide to
JP PorchfesT (Mini) 2024!

Porchfest Host and Performer Meet & Greet

Join us from 2-5 pm at 30 Germania St.

Sunday, June 2!


Want to fill out your porch setlist? Interested in meeting fellow musicians performing during porchfest.

Stop by today to enjoy the sunshine, grab a drink (or two) and connect with fellow Porchfesters!

Important Festival Landmarks

  • 30 Germania St (Sam Adams Brewery)

    • Pick up a map, see live performances, and enjoy the official JP Porchfest Beer, Porch(Fest) Rocker!

  • 12 South St (Loring Greenough House) * Porchfest Central*

    • Pick up a map and enjoy performances curated by our Porchfest community partner Agora Cultural Architects as well as a Sam Adams Beer Garden!

Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 11.37.45 AM.png

Deborah Karson Photography

Community Hour

Community Hour is a one-hour block in the festival from 3-4 pm where all other programming shuts down to encourage attendees to congregate in central locations to join in a moment of togetherness, joy, and celebration. This year's Community Hour programming is as follows:

12 South St (Loring Greenough House)
Latin Dance with
Meta Movements

unnamed (3).jpg

The Porch(Fest) Rocker beer

created just for JP Porchfest is now available on tap at Sam Adams Brewery!

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